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Technical FAQ's

What product do I need for my equipment?

AKGTS offers heat exchangers to almost all the different markets – Industrial, mobile and compressor markets. For more info, please refer to our product brochure or contact AKGTS.

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How to size and select the cooler for my application?

Please use our state-of-the-art online sizing program to size our heat exchangers based on your application need or please contact AKGTS to size the coolers. We offer heat exchangers for industrial, mobile and compressor markets. For more info, please contact your local fluid power distributor or AKGTS to know more about our product offering.

Link- Online Sizing Program

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How do I get a performance sheet?

Performance Sheets can be provided to you in two ways:

  • By using our online sizing program
  • By contacting your local authorized distributors/AKGTS

Link - Online Sizing Program; Authorized Fluid Power Distributor

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What is the weight of my cooler?

The cooler weights are published on the product brochure. Please visit the link below for information on the brochure. All weights displayed are for reference only as they may differ depending upon the crate size, shipment size etc.

Link – Product Literature

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Does the industrial cooler comply with OSHA Standards (Sound level)?

OSHA standards state that the sound levels need to be less than 85 dbA at a distance of 10 ft. Most of our AR/CC coolers comply with OSHA standards but the exact sound level really depends on the location. AKGTS cannot predict the number of walls or the location for each application beforehand. Some of our larger AR/CC cooler models exceed 85dbA @ 10 ft so please consult factory or refer to the literature to determine the noise level.

Link- Product Literature

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How much volume can the cooler hold?

The cooler volume information is published on the product brochure. Please visit the link below for information on the brochure. The cooler information published is for reference only and can vary by +/-10%.

Link - Product Literature

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How do I contact tech support?

A. If you already have an existing account with AKGTS, please contact us at or give us a call at 919-563-4871.

B. If you don’t have an existing account with AKGTS, please call the local fluid power distributor that’s closest to your location for assistance at

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What’s the maximum flow rate on my cooler?

The maximum flow rate depends on the cooler port size. Please refer to our product brochure to know more about the maximum flow rates on each cooler model.

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How do I find the explosion proof motor class, div and temp codes?

All the explosion proof motors are rated for Class 1 Div. 1 Group C and D, T3C. For motor datasheets, nameplate information or special needs please consult factory. 

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What is the maximum temperature and pressure rating for the cooler?

Most of the coolers are rated for 250F/250psi. Some of the coolers are also rated for 250F/377psi. Please refer to the literature for specific information or special needs. The working temperature range for the most of the coolers are -40C to +121C (-40F to +250F).

Note: The temperature range of the seals on the motor may be different so please refer to the motor installation manual or technical datasheet for more information. 

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What type of fan mating connector should I use on my D/DCS/DCSB unit?

Please refer to the list of mating connectors provided below. Mating connector part number:

  • Part # 30130628 (Brushless fans –Yazaki)
  • Part # 630 KIT – (Brushed DC - Metripak 630)
  • Part # 280 KIT – (Brushed DC - Metripak 280)

Note: AKGTS does not supply the mating connectors along with the cooler assembly unit. AKGTS provides the mating connectors only if the harness is purchased along with the units or if the mating connector part number is called out on the purchase order. Please refer to the Product Literature to determine the fan connector.

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What is SCFM and how do I find out the maximum SCFM of the compressor cooler (CC Series)?

SCFM is a measure for air at standard temperature and pressure conditions. For more information, please refer to the link below. The maximum allowable SCFM is also mentioned on our compressor product brochure. AKG CC Series What is SCFM?

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Can I operate/wire the fan in reverse direction to clean out the cooler?

Yes, but please consult AKGTS to check if the existing fan unit is capable of running in reverse and to know more about fan reversal timings.

Note: AKGTS reserves the right to void the warranty if there are cooler/fan failures due to fan reversals without consulting with factory prior to installation. 

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Can I install my unit upside down so that outlet becomes inlet and change the cooler orientation to suit my needs?

The inlet and outlet connections are completely reversible for non-bypass coolers only. If your cooler has an integrated bypass feature, the inlet and outlet connections cannot be reversed. Please consult factory for more information. The cooler assembly can be mounted in any direction as long as they are properly supported/balanced using mounting brackets and feet to bear the static/dynamic load conditions and accelerations. Use of vibration mounts/isolators are highly recommended to avoid cracks, failures etc.

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Can I install my unit outdoors?

Yes, AKGTS coolers are suitable to be installed outside. However, certain precautions have to be taken into consideration during installation. Cooler installation near obstacles should be avoided. Ambient conditions need to be taken into account and precautions should be taken to prevent dust/debris entering the air fins. Improper cleaning of external air fins may lead to decreased performance and could overheat the hydraulic system.

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Are the motors dual rated?

The Class 1 Div. 2 Three phase, Explosion proof – Three phase and single phase are all dual rated. Please consult factory to know more about the standard single phase and three phase dual rating options. Please be aware that the motor rpm is reduced by 1/6 for 50Hz frequency.

Note: The standard 3 phase motors do not meet IE2 and IE3 standards. 

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Is the fan metal or plastic?

All the standard fans that AKGTS supplies are made out of PAG (Glass reinforced PolyAmide) or PPG (Glass reinforced PolyPropylene). Temperature ranges from -30C to +90C (-22F to +194F) for a PPG fan and -40C to +120C (-40F to +248F) for a PAG material fan. Please consult factory for more information.

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How do I wire the motor if I want it to run the fan in reverse direction?

The motor polarities can be changed to make the fan run in the opposite direction. Please consult factory to check if the fans can be reversed to avoid any other issues in the field before changing the motor polarities as it depends on the type of application/type of fan used. For AC motor wiring, the information can be found on the motor nameplate or on the motor supplier’s website. Please consult factory for motor datasheets.

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Where can I get CAD (3D) models and drawings?

If you have an existing account with AKGTS, please contact our sales department or refer to the distributor login page to get the STEP models/drawings. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for CAD models/drawing requests. If you are not an existing customer, please contact your authorized fluid power distributor for CAD models and drawings for immediate needs.

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Why is my A.C. electric motor hot?

There could be a couple of reasons that causes overheating in electric motors

  • Higher working/ambient temperature – In these cases, the application is working at a higher temperature range or installed outside where it is too hot, so re-tagging the nameplate to 50 deg C would eliminate the issue.
  • Higher amp draw – When the ambient temperature is lower during winter conditions, the air density increases and the fan consumes more horsepower to pull air through the cooler. Using a VFD or controlling the fan during lower ambient conditions could avoid that problem. Also, this should be taken into account while sizing the heat exchanger so the motor can be sized accordingly taking the safety factor into account.
  • Improper supply voltage/current – Sometimes, the A.C. motor supply voltage constantly varies and that causes the windings to get hot so please check the amp draw on all three wires, voltage between all three wires and voltage to ground.

Note: Voltage should be checked at both no load and full conditions

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I’m using a D.C. fan drive, why is my amp draw higher?

There are a couple of reasons why the amp draw could be more:

  • High working temperature
  • Low ambient temperature
  • Improper supply voltage/poor connection/ improper wire thickness
  • Hot air re-circulation (improper cooler installation with no free airflow)

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What type of fuse and what is the recommended fuse value for a D.C. fan?

A maxi type fuse is recommended on the brushed/brushless fan drive. Different diameter fans consume different amp draw depending the on the type of motor used. Please refer to the mobile cooling product brochure for more information. Link: Mobile Cooling Product Brochure

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Can I install my cooler next to a wall or obstruction?

No, unfortunately the exhaust air will recirculate if there is an obstruction near the cooler. This will affect the heat exchanger performance and overheat the oil/hot media inside the cooler. It may also increase the amp draw on the fans which will lead to a decrease in product life expectancy. AKG recommends at least 1 fan diameter distance on the exhaust side to avoid hot air re-circulation.

Can I install my cooler inside an enclosure and seal it well to reduce the fan noise and prevent dust/debris from entering the cooler?

No, the cooler should not be installed in a fully closed enclosure. The unit needs free airflow across the cooler for optimal performance.

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Can city water be used as a hot media on the heat exchangers?

 AKGTS doesn’t recommend city water to be used as a hot media. Any media that falls within the 6.5-8.5 pH range is safe and compatible with Aluminum. Other types of media should be consulted with factory before use. It is the responsibly of the end-user to make sure the media used is compatible with Aluminum to avoid any form of corrosion. Please see below for the minimum required media characteristics.

  • Appearance: Colorless, clear
  • Sediments: None
  • PH value: 6.5 to 8.5
  • Total water hardness: <3.6 mmol/l (sum of alkaline earth metals)
  • Chloride content: <100 mg/l Sulphate <100mg/l

Demineralization is very important and AKGTS recommends a minimum of 40-60% of the coolant concentration to be glycol in the system or any form of corrosion inhibitor for water based media/application. For other concentrations, please consult factory.

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How do I wire the temperature switch or PWM controller?

The PWM controller wiring diagram is provided in the DCSB (brushless fan drive) brochure. AKGTS offers a plug and play harness kit that comes with a preinstalled fuse, mating connectors, splice box that saves installation time. Please refer to the DCSB brochure link for more information. For the D.C. brushed temperature switch option, please make sure to use a 5A amp fuse to protect the micro switch which is present inside the temperature switch. Please refer to the Brushed DC Fan Wiring Information.

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Where is the digital screen to adjust the temperature on my temperature switch?

AKGTS discontinued all the TCP’s as of 2018 and we no longer support them. We do offer a replacement but they do not have a screen as it is a nonadjustable temperature controller. We offer 4 options – TC-115, TC-140, TC155-WL and TC-140-WL.

  • TC-115 and TC-115-WL – preset temperature of 115F
  • TC-115 and TC-115-WL – preset temperature of 140F
  • TC-115 and TC-140 comes with a spade connector
  • TC-140-WL and TC-115-WL comes with a DT connector.

Please contact factory for drawings and pricing information.

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Sales FAQ's

How do I find out about spare parts?

If you have an existing account with AKGTS and to know more about the spare parts and pricing, please refer to the price pages that AKGTS has provided to you in the past or login to our distributor page on our website. If you don’t have an existing account with AKGTS, please contact your fluid power distributor.

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How do I find a distributor for my area?

Please visit the link below for more information about our distributors or send us an email at Link -->

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What are your standard lead times for coolers and accessories?

Our standard lead times are typically 1-2 weeks. Please consult factory for more information (Authorized fluid power distributors may stock some of our cooler models and be able to meet with more immediate needs). Please visit to know more about our authorized distributors closest to your location. 

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Can you cross over a competitor's product?

Yes, AKGTS can cross over a competitor’s product in a timely manner. Please provide the competitor’s model number and/or drawings/spec sheet to or contact your fluid power distributor.

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Do you provide product training at your facility?

We currently don’t offer any kind of product training at our facility but please check with our sales team for more information --> 

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Installation and Maintenance FAQ’s:

How do I maintain your product?

Care should be taken to increase the cooler life. Please follow the instructions that are available in our installation and maintenance manual to know more about cooler cleanliness instructions. If the coolers are clogged internally, reverse flushing the cooler with a simple degreaser that is compatible with aluminum would help clear the internal clogging. For external clogging, please use a water jet spray or compressed air jet and make sure they are parallel to the directions of fins to avoid damage to the fins. Cleaning the external dust and debris frequently will help to increase the life of the cooler. For more questions, please reach out to us at or give us a call at 919-563-4871. 

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Quality/Warranty FAQ’s:

What is your product warranty?

2000 service hours or 12 months whichever occurs first. For unused material, it will be 18 months on the shelf - all counted from the ship date. Please refer to the warranty section on our website for more info.

What do I need to do if I want to return my product?

Please request an RGA for “unused return”. Note: We only accept returns within 90 calendar days from the ship date.

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What is an RGA?

RGA: Return Goods Authorization. RGA is performed to issue returns/credits, perform warranty analysis etc. and confirm if the parts returned comply with the AKGTS warranty policy.

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How do I return my product/ How do I fill out an RGA request?

Please contact AKGTS – either customer service or the quality department and request for an RGA form. The RGA form is also available on our website. 

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What do I need to do if the shipment I received was damaged?

First and foremost, please file a claim with the carrier; then you can contact AKGTS to perform an evaluation of the damaged product.

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What do I need to do if my product failed in the field?

Please contact AKGTS – either customer service or the quality department and request an RGA form. The RGA form is also available on our website.

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How long does it take to receive my credit back for returned products (unused)?

It usually takes up to 2-5 business days from the shipment receive date.

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How long would it take to find the root cause or to troubleshoot a product that failed in the field?

Each case is different as it depends on a number of factors. We have a team of experts to troubleshoot the application. Please provide all the necessary information such as pictures, schematics, application information, pressure cycle data etc. for us to find the root cause as quickly as possible.

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Can you issue a credit back even though I purchased the parts through the distributor?

We can only issue credit to customers who have a direct account setup with AKGTS, but we are here to assist all our distributors and their end users. We like to ensure everyone is in the commination loop; Third party credit is handled by the rules and policies of each individual distributor.

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What is NFW?

“No Questions Asked” Warranty Policy covers the D/DCS/C/DCSB product line.

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How do I request an NFW warranty?

Please complete the RGA form and turn in the request to our quality team at your earliest convenience. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for initial response.

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Are all AKGTS products covered under the NFW?

No, only the D/DC/DCS/DCSB standard product lines are covered under this policy. Please contact customer service or quality department for more info.

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Customer Service FAQ’s:

How do I become an AKGTS distributor?

Thank you for choosing to be a distributor for AKGTS. Please contact our sales team to review the criteria we have established for our authorized partners. 

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When and where should I reference my quote?

Please reference the quote number below the part number/model code in the purchase order. This will allow us to provide with a quicker response on the order acknowledgment. Quote number would be referenced in the quote form from AKGTS. Please contact our sales team for any questions at or please reach out to 919-563-4871 for more information.

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Can you expedite shipping?

Shipping can be expedited if you are using an expedited shipping service such as UPS Red or Hot tailgate service. If there is a need for expedite shipping please let us know at the time of order or give us a call if the need is urgent so we can take care of your needs.

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Do you have any assembled coolers in stock?

AKGTS builds per order and does not keep shelf stock of completed assemblies. We only stock component parts. Our lead times are short so please contact our sales/customer service team at for inquiries. 

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How do I know whether to provide ground or freight?

Customer service requires both ground and LTL carriers on all orders received. That way we can determine the safest shipping method. Please be able to provide this information at the time of placing an order as it will allow us to work with the carriers in a timely manner.

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When does a unit need to be crated?

Any orders shipping outside United States and some areas of the West Coast need to be crated due to long transit time and the potential to be reloaded on different trucks. Please consult customer service for export crating cost.

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Is CRN available?

No, As of May 31, 2020, AKGTS does not offer CRN’s. Please check back with us later for any updates.

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Can I pay using a credit card or check if I don’t have an existing account setup?

No, AKGTS doesn’t support these payment methods at this moment. Please contact our fluid power distributors for immediate needs by visiting this link check back with us later for more updates. 

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Can I buy direct and what is the criteria to open an account?

Thank you for showing interest and we certainly appreciate that. Please contact our sales team at or give us a call at 919-563-4871 for more information. AKGTS has a list of criteria that needs to be fulfilled to become an authorized distributor. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The distributor list is difficult to understand, can you tell me who to contact?

AKGTS has a comprehensive list of sales representatives at our distributor locations that we can re-direct you to take care of your needs. Please let us know if we can be of any help at or at 919-563-4871. 

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Where / Who do I send my purchase order to place my order?

If you have an existing account with AKGTS, all purchased orders need to be sent to Please provide up to 24-48 hours to receive an acknowledgment on the standard catalog orders. For other orders, please reach out to the sales team at

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Shipping FAQ’s:

Does AKG support third party billing?

Yes, AKG does support third party billing. The billing address needs to be provided at the time of placing the purchase order with AKGTS.

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What is the maximum weight for different shipping carriers?

2-70 pounds is the maximum weight to ship via UPS/FedEx. However, on certain products that weigh above 50 pounds, AKG strongly recommends that you use LTL ground freight to avoid shipping damages.

Note: Each FedEx and UPS divisions require a different account. We cannot use a UPS ground account for UPS freight or UPS supply chain.

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Are FedEx ground/express/priority and FedEx economy one and the same?

FedEx ground/express/priority and FedEx freight economy/priority are not the same. Please contact our shipping department for any inquiries.

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Do the international shipments need to be crated?

Any DHL shipments leaving the country must be crated and there are no exceptions.

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Can you drop ship to a third party location?

Yes, AKGTS provides hassle free drop shipping at no additional cost. Please provide the drop ship address and contact information to be able to successfully deliver the product without any issues. The drop ship information needs to be referenced at the time of order. Any changes in the information need to be communicated to AKGTS before the shipment is due. AKGTS is not responsible for last minute changes.

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Do you accept prepay and add?

AKGTS does not accept prepay and add option. All shipments leaving AKGTS USA are required either to ship collect or third party bill. Please contact 919- 563-4871 for more information.

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Is there a fee to expedite?

AKGTS is prepared to support the urgent needs of our customers due to unforeseen circumstances. Please contact our sales team at or at 919-563-4871 to expedite the order. Also, please make sure to note the expedite need in the purchase order.

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Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity for standard units. However, the minimum dollar amount on the purchase order needs to be above $50. Please refer to the price sheet for more information.

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Can you ship internationally?

Yes, AKGTS can ship products internationally. Please let us know at the time of order so our team is aware of the international shipment. All international shipments need to be crated. Please consult factory (919-563-4871 or if you have any questions about international shipments.

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